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We’re seeking a more sustainable future for fashion.
One where clothes are made carefully, beautifully, and with vision. For us, sustainability is equal parts rationale and art - a considered approach to the way we buy and relate to our things.
It all rests on a simple principle: if you’re invested in the things you own, you’ll naturally need fewer of them. A win-win for the planet and people who make this industry possible.
The Movement
Exceptionally crafted clothes with an eye for casual luxury.
RŪH is a fashion brand founded by entrepreneurs and creatives from London, New York and Istanbul.
We make beautiful clothes that last.
You could call that timelessness, but we define it differently than most. What gets us excited is not just the classic, the essential, or the basic. For us, timelessness is about an emotion that captivates - one that moves people regardless of time and place.
Great clothing masters of the past and present have always captured this level of inspiration in their garments, but it costs a premium. We deliver the pleasure of high-quality, highly compelling fashion at an accessible price.